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failed test

hi had my practical test on thursday 27th had a serious error for doing 35 mph on a 30mph road was one of those long wide roads i must have thought it was 40 speed limit! dissapointed to fail this time started driving again a few months ago so i've had plenty of practice and felt quite confident.  never mind  will try again i think the worse part is when the examiner calls over the adi to tell them you've failed the test and and the drive back home afterwards.  sad


28-07-06 13:45:02

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Re: failed test

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Re: failed test

Sorry you didnt pass this time---there will be another chance wink

Dont worry about your adi being called over (we're used to it....part of the job) and its good for us to hear what exactly happend..your adi wont have  any ill feelings towards you so dont worry wink

Going 35 in a 30 is a 'silly' least you know what you did...and can be on the lookout next time for speed limits..or LACK of them....remember if you DONT see a new speed limit..its because it hasnt changed from 30mph smile alot of dual carrigeways for instance are 30mph..even though it appears everyone around you is alot faster :x and they prob are...

keep those eyes peeled next time and you'll crack it :afro:

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Re: failed test

aww simon sorry to hear that sad

although as sparkle says at least you know where you went wrong and how you would be ever so careful next time.. 8-)

onwards & upwards though, you'll get there wink

have you had any thought as to when to book another test hun?

good luck xxx smile


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Re: failed test

I'm sorry to hear that you failed your test yesterday hun.I've done the same thing before on those long wide roads as we've got a few of them round our way and I was forever telling myself to slow down (I'm sure my ADI thought I was crazy as I was forever talking to myself about stuff  lol  ).

I know what you mean about the worst part being the drive home afterwards cos when I failed my 1st test I was in floods of tears all the way home.For some reason the examiner never called my ADI over to tell him what it was I'd failed on but maybe that was cos I already knew it was cos of bumping into the wall I don't know.

I'm sure that your gonna do it next time though hun  smile

Kaz xx


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