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Part 3 Full licence holder

Chatting to a PDI at the test centre yesterday she told me about her 1st attempt at part 3 so passing the advice onto you guys. She got a FLH on the 2nd phase meet, cross & antipation, anyway he kept crossing his hands when steering so she picked him up on that and just kept going on about it and missed other things that he had done. My first responce was did he have control of the car?  yes and that's what he told her and why she failed the 2nd phase, she should of left the steering alone and concentrated on the fact he was going to fast and too close to parked cars and not checking his mirrors.


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23-06-06 06:57:20

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Re: Part 3 Full licence holder

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Re: Part 3 Full licence holder

Couldn't agree more. I did a pass plus with one of mine the other day. 100 percent hand crsiing beautifully under control. She had been doing it 2 months i didn't mention it as there was no point. Her driving was spot on. Another pass plus tonight to go with another pupil.....

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Re: Part 3 Full licence holder

Is crossing hands marked as a driving fault on an L test provided that the vehicle is under control.

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Re: Part 3 Full licence holder

It's not marked no as long as control is NOT compromised.

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