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#1 15-05-06 10:47:56

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Self Assessment Course tomorrow!

I'm off to the IR for a free course on Self assessment tomorrow!!  Scary!  Still not sure if I will do this myself or get in a pro.  Still I guess I will find out tomorrow when I know more about it. 

Anybody been on one of these courses before?  Are they any cop?  Is there anything I should do to prepare?


15-05-06 10:47:56

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Re: Self Assessment Course tomorrow!

#2 15-05-06 13:30:04


Re: Self Assessment Course tomorrow!

Cant help...but that should be interesting..but  i bet they wont tell you what you REALLY CAN put through........... after the course...i would call accountants and find out what THAT course missed out..coz your accountant will know lots of little back doors etc etc etc  ;D

Good luck though!  ;D

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Re: Self Assessment Course tomorrow!

Ive been to two courses at ihe ir.

They are very helpful and give you plenty of info.



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