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VW Fox.

I'm sort of begining to think about swapping my car, so I've been having a look at what's on offer over the past few weeks, to be honest I'm months away from swapping but I like to look, and they can't touch you for looking... big_smile

I've had a look at the new Yaris which I like a lot, it's well built and has a centrally mounted speedo, and Toyota are just about top of the pile for reliability. Anyway there just happens to be a VW garage opposite so I thought I'd take a look and see what they had. Turns out they've got the new "Fox" in the show rooms. It's bigger than a Lupo but smaller than a Polo (just) and they are all 3 door.

It's not as pretty as the Yaris or Aygo but V'dubs are always on the bland side, It's also quite tall for a small car but looks very well built and is very glassy, which I like. Inside it's typical VW black but has has lots of little nooks to hold stuff. As for room in a small car it's "Tardis" like, with the front seat pushed fully back I can't reach the steering or the pedals, I don't mean I can't operate them, I mean I can't touch them they're off somewhere in the front of the car. Never been in a small car with that much room, and there's still room behind the driver for the passenger. If the seats positioned for normal driving there's tons of room in the back for 2 adults.

Engines only come in 2 versions a 1.2 (3cyl) and a 1.4 (2cyl). Because it's so glassy it'd make an ideal training car. Best bit is top of the range is still under 8K.

Just thought I'd post as I guess like me most don't know about this one.

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29-04-06 13:46:17

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Re: VW Fox.

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Re: VW Fox.

Sorry can't stand the Yaris at all, but it wouldn't do for us all to be the same would it big_smile


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