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#26 17-07-04 16:11:40


Re: ADI Part 2....

I must admit, I have found training with BSM, excellent.  The staff at both the local office and at the training centre in Glasgow have been really suportive.  They provided everything I needed to train, books, videos etc, and regular assignments to complete.  I have also been able to use the spare BSM car, so I could practise for my part 2 (I drive an automatic Granada saloon, so..)which has been really helpful.  My personal trainer has also been really good and we get on really well, which makes life that wee bit easier.

Passed the part 1 first time, now just awaiting a new date for part 2 (still kicking myself) so getting in some extra pratice sessions in the meantime

17-07-04 16:11:40

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Re: ADI Part 2....

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