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#1 19-02-06 09:40:09

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He-Man Duals from Clio for Sale

Just removed (with rods).

Have installation instructions also.

Came from Clio 52 reg - so should fit most recent types (although maybe not the new model just been released)

Any interest - just put your reply here ...




19-02-06 09:40:09

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Re: He-Man Duals from Clio for Sale

#2 29-04-06 12:58:50


Re: He-Man Duals from Clio for Sale

just check the air con status when i ordered my duals they were rather specific that i got that correct. The box came through saying AIR CON model or something. Again just phone heman google for their number and ask them theyre ever so helpful. The controls new cost me 400 quid and mine are only 4/5 months old  roll i will put mine up for sale with no box in just under a months time. Hopefully when suzuki remove them they will give me back all vital bits needed i have the fitting instructions here to for mine when they are ready to go.

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