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#1 06-05-04 01:52:45


Driving Test

Its back, on ITV2 on Saturdays. Learner Drivers. Repeated on Wednesday's. I was watching it, and the lass that was taking her test failed because she TOUCHED the kerb with her rear wheel! isnt that a bit much?!! seemly she had a good drive, but at the kerb! :shock: Is there any DSA exameners here? I know you can get small faults and you can still pass your test, but 1 big fault isnt good. Is it possable for somebody to tell us learners, which is which. eg, "bumping" the kerb with your back wheel? small fault? BIG fault? i heard its done with numbers, but im unsure.

06-05-04 01:52:45

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Re: Driving Test

#2 06-05-04 06:05:30

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Re: Driving Test

I don't think they are making the test to hard now, sorry just my personal feeling on the matter.

As for touching the curb,well it's a curb this time, it could be a Small CHILD next.

No offence meant.



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Re: Driving Test

The simple anser to your question about the difference between 'minor' and 'major' faults is don't concern yourself about any of them.

It's the examiners job to determine the difference, you just drive as you have been taught and let the examiner do the marking.

A common reason for failure is the driver making a serious error while trying to work out if the previous error was serious or minor.

As for the kerb question specificly, any touching of a kerb will damage the tyres of the car possibly leading to a puncture or worse so don't do it. Imagine you're standing on the edge of the kerb waiting to walk across the road, If the car tyre were to touch your toes it's a serious (broken toes are fairly serious)

I know that's not the answer you are looking for but it will get you passed the test and save you a lot of expence in tyre wear in the future.

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Re: Driving Test

i do see what you mean there smile

what i meant with the driving test, was Theory, HTP, SMTM and the test. What are the DSA going to add next?

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