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MP3 convertor

I've got a radio/cassette player in my car and have seen some sort of plug in convertor for a MP3
Anybody know anything about them   :?:
Do they work   :?:
Can you use any MP3 player with it   :?:
I did want a new CD player but didn't think it was worth paying upwards of £50 if this convertor works for less than a tenner  wink
Any advice would be helpful  smile

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06-12-05 21:17:25

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Re: MP3 convertor

#2 05-01-06 14:26:22

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Re: MP3 convertor

The CD/MP3 converters are cheap, I found one on eBay, look at item number: 5850700256 (just type this number in on the search page).

They work by pluging into your headphone socket on you MP3 player and then into your cars tape player.

They are fine if you don't mind wires hanging arround in your car and your not too bothered about the best sounding stereo in the world.

I would prefer to get a cheap CD player!?


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