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#1 24-04-04 19:37:22

ordit pete

Mandatory ORDIT licensing in 2years!!

I have been to meeting at Nottingham today with current members of ORDIT and the DSA to discuss the mandatory licensing of ALL ADI trainers.
Because major changes to the law have to be made it is impossible to give a definite date when this comes into force, but the DSA estimate it will be within 2 years.
All changes are just speculation at present, but it appears the current system of an ORDIT management committee will be disbanded and an extension to the ADI licence will be introduced giving ORDIT entitlement on a graded system as per the current ADI licence.
Personally I think this will be the first step in sorting out the current so called Instructor Training Industry which quite frankly is in such a mess at the moment.

24-04-04 19:37:22

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Re: Mandatory ORDIT licensing in 2years!!

#2 25-04-04 04:49:05


Re: Mandatory ORDIT licensing in 2years!!

That's great news Pete!

Thanks for sharing it with us. big_smile

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