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Sat Nav

Are you using your own sat nav, buying the model the DVSA are going to use or not bothering? (Yep apparently some ADI's don't plan to start using a sat nav mad )

Personally I've an old Tom Tom but might invest in the model that's going to be used on test.


14-07-17 23:04:56

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Re: Sat Nav

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Re: Sat Nav

I got one as soon as the model  was announced.(Tomtom Start52) I did need one anyway so had just been holding off getting one. Cost £89.99 with free carry case from Argos but I understand out of stock in many places and price hikes.

I've always used Garmin so is taking awhile getting used to the differences. I don't particularly like the screen display nor the termiology 'cross roundabout'

A feature I do like though is the ability to record a drive, save it, and then use it again with Satnav directions. Obviously makes it easy for examiners to create a test route ( and you can record a test to see where your pupil has been) but also useful to ADI's in that you can create quite challenging routes with some specific objective to cover, such as roundabouts or a particular area. Easy to create as I'm just recording a few current lessons.

I have introduced all aspects of the new test to a few existing test ready pupils, and found they took to the Satnav and other changes quite easily. It does make me feel that it might be best to leave the Satnav aspect until the later stages of training when they have fully mastered directions/signs. Still experimenting though, so plan to record a few very easy 'nursery' routes as well.

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Re: Sat Nav

I have a factory fitted one, which isn't brilliant but following a sat nav on test will be no big deal and not worth spending a hundred quid on.


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