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Cameras & tests

Well done Unite union officials for persuing this matter so vigorously and getting the minister involved.   Working for the ADI rather than it's own commercial interests, unlike the other associations. 

It's about time DVSA came into this century.


DVSA is set to review its current policy of not allowing the use of forward and rear facing cameras on driving tests, following feedback from customers and driving instructor associations.

The decision also takes into account the growing use of cameras, telematics systems and other forms of recording devices for insurance purposes. During that review the safety of test candidates, examiners and other road users, and the integrity of the driving test remain paramount.

Until the review has concluded and the outcome is known, the existing policy will continue to be enforced.

The review will not reconsider the use of internal facing cameras or the recording of any audio.  The position will remain that such recordings would not be used to review driving test results, as they would not be able show a full and accurate representation of events inside and outside the vehicle


17-04-14 15:22:09

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Re: Cameras & tests

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