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#1 24-07-05 20:34:15


Blue Pint Briefing/Diagrams

Has anybody used the Blue Print Briefing and diagrams - any chance of a picture of one of the diagrams to judge for myself - or just how good you thought they were - cheers tongue  tongue

24-07-05 20:34:15

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Re: Blue Pint Briefing/Diagrams

#2 25-07-05 15:38:43

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Re: Blue Pint Briefing/Diagrams

Unless Brian has updated the diagrams that accompany the blueprint briefings they are of a very out of date design.  They serve their purpose fine, but when compared with modern diagrams they look very outdated.  They were designed before desktop publishing packages became cheap and easily obtainable.


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#3 25-07-05 18:31:50

sue hawkins

Re: Blue Pint Briefing/Diagrams

Hi there, are you training with anyone at the moment? Presumably you are referring to presenters to be able to give a brief on any Phase 1 PST?

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Re: Blue Pint Briefing/Diagrams

Ive got some excellent diagrams with lots of reminders on - just wondered what all the fuss is about blueprint books/diagrams - anyone post a picture ? big_smile  big_smile  big_smile

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