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Reward Cards

I have a Tesco clubcard - who doesn't - and use it whenever I fill up the car.  So, if the fuel is predominantly being used for business (and I take account of that in my accounts) is it acceptable to use the benefit of the clubcard points personally?  That is, if I get, say, £20 worth of vouchers, do I have to offset those against the business as they were gained through business expenditure?  Hope that's clear - brain a bit of a mush today.


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Re: Reward Cards

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Re: Reward Cards

Well I may be wrong, but I believe they also should go in the business accounts because it is an asset of the business. However, do they look that deep? I don't know.

Watch what you do with Tesco Clubcard, their records were used to establish where a person who committed a murder was when it took place. The murderer might have got away with it if it wasn't for the Clubcard.

Never had a Clubcard since, there again I haven't committed any murders. cool


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Re: Reward Cards

HMRC have made noises in the past about taxing freebies earned by individuals on business, but AFAIK they have never done anything about it except perhaps in the most extreme cases (people who earned enough airmiles on business to take their family on holidays).

When I was employed (I had free petrol for 20+ years) I accumulated loads of goodies and neither I nor any of my colleagues thought of declaring it.


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Re: Reward Cards

I don't think the taxman is going to bother chasing you for a few quids worth of vouchers.   I use Morrisons and get 5quid vouchers, never declared them to save the taxman the bother of having to ask.


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Re: Reward Cards

Same with me.  BP = nectar points  big_smile


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