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Theory test booking by phone

For the past few weeks DSA has been telling candidates that they can no longer book a theory test by phone. 
This is not correct, and Pearson Vue, who take the bookings has been told it must accept telephone bookings.

The recorded message which tells candidates that they can now only book online on the 0300 number should be changed this week.   

To book by phone you first need to ignore the initial message about only booking online and listen to the rest of it.  It will tell you to press 02, listen to a further message, and then press 2.  This takes you through to a Pearson Vue assistant who should now  make a theory booking.

If you wish to confirm that this information is accurate please contact Mr Peter Waddell-Hall at DSA HQ.  Tel 0115936666

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19-02-13 09:11:12

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Re: Theory test booking by phone

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