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Funny thing on the lesson

A funny thing happened on a lesson today!! A pupil of mine bought a car and wanted me to accompany him on his first drive.
He decided he wanted to fill his car with petrol first but was scared that the petrol would gush out when full!! I explained to
him that the petrol automatically shuts off when the tank is full, he was relieved. He filled his tank but when he took the
nozzle out he spilt some petrol on his sleeve, i told him not to worry as it would evaporate but smell a bit. We drove off and
headed for the motorway. After a few minutes he decided he wanted a smoke (you can see whats coming next) it was his
own car and i couldn’t really stop him. He lit his cigarette with a lighter and you’ve guessed it, set fire to his sleeve.
We immediately pulled over at the side of the road got out and began to put the fire out, at the same time a police car
pulled in behind us. The police officer got out of his car to investigate what was happening. After an explanation as to
what had gone the police officer then “booked and charged” the driver.
What for i hear you ask???

Possession of a “FIRE ARM” he he smile


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Re: Funny thing on the lesson

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Re: Funny thing on the lesson

That's brilliant!! X

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