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Strange Requests

I had a lady ring me yesterday and the conversation went like this...

"I need to renew my provisional licence but there is a question about my eyesight.  Can you tell me how far 60 feet is?"  She'd actually rung the DVLA with the same question and they told her to ring a local driving instructor.

I must admit I didn't really know how to answer it - how do you accurately describe 60 feet?  I know what it looks like but that's about as far as it goes.

So I agreed to meet the lady and test her eyesight for her - I was actually just round the corner at the end of a lesson so it wasn't a big deal.  I admit I was hoping that I might get some business - er no!  Not sure why she wants her provisional licence renewed but it's not to drive - maybe id?

She read a number plate without any problem and was just really grateful that I helped her out.  She wanted to give me something for my time but when I declined she said that she would make a donation on my behalf to the RNIB. 

Strange request but maybe some good will come from it...


28-11-12 20:22:11

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Re: Strange Requests

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