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Household Cleaning Products.

I have for some time been concerned about household germs, as all household cleaning products only claim to kill 99.9% of all known germs.

I have often wondered what the 0.01% germ might be and whether it is possible it could multiply to such a degree that it could take over the house and kill us all.

However, yesterday I solved the mystery.

My wife asked me to get some bleach from Morrison’s, she said “Don’t get the cheap own brand rubbish, get the proper stuff”. How the hell do I know what “proper stuff” is, anyhow looking along the cleaning products shelf I was attracted to this bright fluorescent orange bottle with the name “Domestos”, aha, a well known brand that will be the “proper stuff”. I then (sadly) read the label to find the strap line “Kills ALL known germs dead”.

Now it’s the word “ALL” that took my eye, because “all” means 100%, so I carried on to read the details on the back label (yes even sadder), and was confronted with the answer to the mystery.

The back label reads:

“*Used daily, Domestos 24 Hr gives you and your family 24 Hr protection from flying toilet rim germs and is a powerful weapon against germs in the home.”

Thank god I found this stuff, I went straight home and did both loo’s. I have never seen any of these “Flying Toilet Rim Germs” I would imagine they must be invisible, no wonder none of the other products could kill them if they are invisibly flying around the place.

And to think all these years I have been going to the loo and never had a clue, it just makes me shudder to think.........................!

I just wondered has any one on the forum had trouble with these pesky things? Or perhaps even seen one?



31-10-11 16:15:03

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Re: Household Cleaning Products.

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