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#1 26-09-11 12:50:51

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Hello - I haven't really been away

I joined this forum Oct 2006  and have popped along from time to time to see what's going on.  To keep things simple I used only one forum and that was ',  -  I went to log in today and it's gone!

I imagine a mass exodus to this forum  now so we can all keep chatting.   I notice that there are already some familiar names here.

Thank you 'Vanadi'  for keeping this going.


gsmith99 (graham)

always look on the bright side of life (Monty Python)


26-09-11 12:50:51

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Re: Hello - I haven't really been away

#2 26-09-11 13:31:30

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Re: Hello - I haven't really been away

Great to have you back Graham, just don't be a stranger  wink smile


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