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Any ADI's in the Redhill, Surrey area?


I was wondering if there are any ADI's who work in and around Redhill in Surrey, as I have recently picked up a new pupil from Redhill, but am new to that area.

I was wondering if you could suggest any good little circuits for a beginner?  The usual stuff, not too busy, (not too many parked cars, which I know is a big ask for this area), where we can do some major to minor and t junctions.

Any help appreciated.  I have looked on google maps, and street view.  I haven't had the time to go check out the area yet. 

Many thanks


14-07-11 21:50:56

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Re: Any ADI's in the Redhill, Surrey area?

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Re: Any ADI's in the Redhill, Surrey area?

Check out my reply to your post in the ADI section.  wink


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