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Part 3 Phase 2 question?

Just a quick question on phase 2 part 3 test can you pull the S.E. over every time they make a dangerous mistake (not minor) as I was advised you would probabley only ever need pull them over onece ? :shock:

24-06-05 20:32:41

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Re: Part 3 Phase 2 question?

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Re: Part 3 Phase 2 question?

You are the instructor and are controlling the lesson.
You can do whatever you think is necessary to get your point across to the student or role playing examiner.

That's the way that I see it

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Re: Part 3 Phase 2 question?

You will need to pull your pupil up, (roleplay or not), if there is a point to get across that cannot be made on the move.
This would almost certainly be after a dangerous or serious fault that you haven't been able to prevent.
Rauxaman is correct in saying that you need to do whatever to stay in control.
Sometimes it may be a good idea to pull up if you think that the lesson is getting out of your control.
You can then take stock of the situation, take a deep breath and sort it out with some good fault analysis.


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Re: Part 3 Phase 2 question?

for sure pull em. if they make a dangerous mistake you'll have to as this really does need to be sorted on the side of the road. if they continue to do it you may not have got your fault analysis right so they may do it again and you will have to pull em again.

also if a driving fault seems habitual you will have to pull em and find out whats going on. if its done once and minor deal on the move if poss. if it keep occuring more than twice you need to sort it.

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