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Hayes Part 3 - What are the SE's like?

I've had a few lessons with a local ADI to top up my LDC training and the instructor warned me that she took her part 3 at Hayes (where mines booked for Sep 27th). She said the SE's there have a reputation for making your test a living hell, which they did with her. She passed, but was so shell shocked from the their over the top acting up that she'd never recommend anyone else to take the part 3.

I know it's the job of all SE's to ensure that the limited time they have to test you is put to good use to ensure that you're up to the job, but just how bad are the Hayes SE's?

Anyone who's been there care to comment?

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23-06-05 14:47:28

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Re: Hayes Part 3 - What are the SE's like?

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