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#1 19-06-05 18:26:56


Clio 1.2 expression experiences

Hi all
just wondered if anyone else out there uses a Clio 1.2 16v petrol expression for Instruction and if so what sort of fuel consumption you get and how reliable it has been. Mine is 3.5 years old, 96,000 miles and averages about 37mpg.

19-06-05 18:26:56

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Re: Clio 1.2 expression experiences

#2 19-06-05 19:34:36

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Re: Clio 1.2 expression experiences

Was talking to instructors at TC and they said that they were putting about £90 per week in a 1.2 clio. WOW i thought i am putting that in a 1.6 Focus.


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