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#1 29-01-11 01:18:20

on board training

CPD for ADIs and Funding Options


I am curious to find out if anyone is aware of funding sources for driving instructors for CPD.

Also if part or full funding could be secured for CPD for ADIs, what type and content of courses would you consider and why?

If you were attending a course, how far would you travel and what time of day would suit if a 3 or 4 hour course?

i.e. Feedback & Assessment, Check Test Preparation, Fleet Badge, ORDIT, Mind Driving Workshops, Introduction to Coaching, Effective Communication, Diary Management, Marketing & Sales, Teaching Awards, Advanced Driving to Btec level, Advanced driving Instruction to Betec Level, Business Skills or anything else?  :?


29-01-11 01:18:20

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Re: CPD for ADIs and Funding Options

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