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#1 20-07-10 07:13:54

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Things you should know that you never did

Have you ever had one of those things that everyone seems to know which seems obvious when your shown but you never realised at the time.

Heres mine recently.

Muller Rice Corners......The ones with the crispy bit.

I never realised you could turn the small corner on its end and dip it into the yogurt until my wife showed me, after many years of playing with a spoon and loosing lots of little bits.

Its seems so obvious now. neutral

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20-07-10 07:13:54

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Re: Things you should know that you never did

#2 20-07-10 11:08:00

Hilary Hughes
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Re: Things you should know that you never did

I'll check that out next time I'm shopping...;-)


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#3 21-07-10 17:28:40


Re: Things you should know that you never did

OK the post on headrestraints has reminded me of one and since no one else apart from Target is admitting being stupid I will contribute.

When head rests became more common in the back it was a while before I realised that I could actually adjust them up just like the front ones so most times I sat in the back of taxis or friends cars with an irritating headrest pressing into my upper back  sad

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