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mrs wrx
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Hello there,ive just recently joined the forum and thought id introduce myself.ive recently hit the big 40 and decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and learn to drive.I cant believe i put it off through fear for all those years!,im awaiting lesson 14 and loving it.I bought myself a second hand peugeot after two lessons,i can remember my frustration that day at not being able to master junctions in my hours lesson.And explaining to hubby {holding back tears of frustration} if id of had a little car on the front id of went back out again in it untill i mastered it!.Hubbys been driving for 20 yrs and has a subaru wrx,so there was no way i could learn in it far too powerful not to mention insurance!.I recently passed my theory and now i am daydreaming about the day when my instructer tells me i dare put in for the test.My lessons of late have become more intensive,weve done the roundabouts the turn in the road and we are currently concentrating on  reversing round a corner.My husband has been brilliant sitting in with me while i practice regularly in my car,and my instructer has remarked how well this is accellerating the learning.But i know i have so much more to learn,and i am so glad that the awful nerves{leg trembling!} are finally subsiding.And yes just in case any of you were wondering i do have my eye on my husbands car lol!!!


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