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FOR SALE - Aug 2007 Suzuki Swift 1.3GL (inc. Duals)

I have just ordered a new car and thought I would ask if anyone was interested in the above car for sale before I hand it back? I am just looking for enough to cover what is left on finance, which will be about £3750 by time my new car is delivered in about 7-8 weeks. It would make an ideal "starter" car for any PDI/ ADI. I have had the car from new, and it has a full Suzuki service history (every 9,000 miles).

Suzuki Swift 1.3GL Galactic Grey with Silver Body Stripe
Excellent condition apart from few stone chips on bonnet
He Man Dual Controls
79,000 Miles
New Clutch fitted at 45,000
Based in N. Ireland!

Any questions, please ask. If not, will just be handed back.

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04-05-10 12:33:14

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Re: FOR SALE - Aug 2007 Suzuki Swift 1.3GL (inc. Duals)

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