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Red Training

Anyone else in the situation as me I have paid my money up front and red went into administration.  I have completed part 1 and 2 of my training, I passed my part 2 in November 09 and can't get any training for part 3 until March.  Has anyone heard anything about what will be happening with their trainee instructors?


28-02-10 21:53:29

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Re: Red Training

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Dave G
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Re: Red Training

Hi Jamzey

Red have now been bought by another company. There has been some reorganisation with PDI trainers which is probably why yours has been rearranged. As far as I know the trainee licence is still ongoing but it might be worth you having a word with your local Red business manager.

Hope that helps.


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Re: Red Training

That exact same thing happened to me when I was training with Lets Drive. My first part 3 lesson was cancelled then they went under. I was saved when someone else bought them, was it Red or Big Red L?? Not sure now but if it was Red the problems dont seem to have changed. Lets Drive only made money on the PDI side, the learners made a loss despite high franchise fees.

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Re: Red Training

They were "bought" by LVG..... it is LVG which went into administration..... Red Driving School is part of the assets which were sold.

The problems Let's Drive experienced that you mentioned were when Let's Drive was Let's Drive.. Any problems Red is encountering now have nothing to do with that.

When a company goes into administration (or worse) it is customary for business to be affected somewhat.. That's why your lessons were cancelled when Let's Drive went under.

Let's Drive's franchise fees were actually quite reasonable and I knew several people who did quite well as franchisees.. The business may have been a loss maker for Let's Drive at company level but that doesn't mean it didn't work for at least some franchisees..... and that applies to any franchise.

I believe there was more to Let's Drives financial problems than just a poor business model.

The problems with Red are separate from Let's Drive's.......... both in terms of years and reasons.


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