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Hello all

I passed my driving test 18 months ago - test no 10 - after having 5 ADi's over 24 years. My last instructor I started learning in March 07 had 2 lessons every week and put in for my first test Feb 08, I then took a further 9 tests in a 6 month period and eventually passed in Sep 08. I failed 7 of those tests for RRC and I still cant reverse!!! big_smile I used to hate my lessons but soooo desperatly wanted to be able to drive. I now LOVE driving and am in fact quite obsessed tongue. I started advanced driving with RoSPA last Oct which im really enjoying 8-)

Anyway I have joined this forum because I want to give back to driving what it has given to me over the past 18 months. Hopefully in 18 months time I will train to be an ADi too 8-)


31-01-10 18:47:03

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Re: Hi-De-Hi

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Re: Hi-De-Hi

Hi tink.
Welcome to the forum, glad your enjoying driving now.



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