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Ways to train

I've noticed that there's been lots of posts about the way that people are trained to become ADI's. The common way (certainly by reading postings) is that each part is done exclusively one at a time ie all part one, then two, then three.

When I trained all three parts were lumped together, with perhaps more of a bias towards whichever part was due next. I still remember having to do a lesson plan and teach moving off and stopping on my first days training.

Personally I feel that this is a better way to learn the job, although as I never done it part by part I can't really comment on learning that way. Suppose the closest I can get to it was when I was learning PCV it was broken down into separate parts which I didn't like at all. Although that could have been down to the instructors.

Which way did you learn the job? Was it the best way for you? If you're a trainer which way do you teach?


11-12-09 14:09:49

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Re: Ways to train

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