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PCV driver to driving instructor

Hi Guys

I'm new on here and considering a career as a driving instructor and would like your opinions already.

I have done lots of research and come to one conclusion, that being the training is very expensive lol.

The complete package training course's seem to be the way to go from the research I have done and I know a lot of the money goes on Part's 1+2. The thing is I passed my PCV theory and driving test May 2008 so I have recent experience of the multiple choice/Hazard perception tests, I realise the questions will differ for a driving instructor but many will be very similar.
Also due to driving a lot of hours in a very large vehicle and being a Professional driver I am hoping my standard of driving is quite high and I would not need much putting right for Pt 2 but I could be wrong. I know good professional training is a must for Part 3 to have any chance of passing.

What I'm trying to say is do you guy's think the complete training course is still the best option or could I possibly save some money training some other way for Parts 1+2 and concentrating the money I do have on Part 3.

Would appreciate your opinions and ideas


14-07-09 22:44:06

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Re: PCV driver to driving instructor

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Re: PCV driver to driving instructor

Yes you possibly could save some money on parts 1 & 2 but then parts 1 & 2 are the cheapest parts which, even combined, tend to take less than half teh training usually required for part 3.  Also any half decent trainer will be covering information required for part 3 throughout parts 1 & 2 - all parts are interlinked it is only the DSA exams that separate them out.

I am not sure where you have done your research but it can be better to find a good independent trainer and pay on an 'as you go' basis though you will find some support on here for the likes of the AA and LDC who sometimes have some good deals on.


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Re: PCV driver to driving instructor


This is my opinion, I would go with the way your thinking. This is the way I did it many years ago, like you I was/am a proffessional driver of LGV & PCV.

You should be able to do part 1 as the question bank is out there, printed by the DSA, HPT is the same for all tests, just a hight pass mark.

Part two, get some help from a good ADI who will show you what's expected, go over all the exercises with them, they should also help you with any short coming with your driving.

Part 3, You should find a good trainer for this, make sure you do your research into to who ever you use, ask for references, (talk to previous clients of trainer) including the DSA. Meet with the trainer first before parting with any money to see if you can work with them.

Last comments, do your market researsh of your area, is there enough work out there for yet another instructor.

Consider if you will work for an out fit or go independant. Work out lay out costs for both.

It takes some 12 -15 months to qualify as an DSA ADI

Not everyone on here will agree with me on what I've said, but from my backround I passed part 1,2, & 3 first time. :angel:

Feel free to PM me.

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Re: PCV driver to driving instructor

Never under estimate the part 2 test.

I passed car test first time, then PCV first time.

It took me 3 attempts at he LGV 2 test and 2 attempts at the LGV 1 test.

You would have thought that having passed PCV the LGV tests would be a walk in the park!

The marking for PCV and car tests are slightly different. If you drive like a bus driver for your part 2 test you would probably fail. Get some training with an ADI for the part 2.

As mentioned above, the market is saturated with driving instructors, its not the best time to be emabarking on a career as a driving instructor.

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Re: PCV driver to driving instructor

Thanks for your views guys I will bear them in mind before making any final decisions.


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