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cost of part 2 instruction, west sussex

Hi all
just wondering what the going rate is for part 2 instruction?
my local ordit place who did me an assessment recently charge £38per hour which strikes me as a bit steep.
I guess you get what you pay for but it would be nice to have a ball park figure!
Also can anyone recommend a good instructor in west sussex/chichester/maybe even portsmouth area?
and yes i am deffo pay and go after it only costing me £77 to pass part 1!


06-05-05 19:05:31

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Re: cost of part 2 instruction, west sussex

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Re: cost of part 2 instruction, west sussex

When i did mine i used a local instructor to 'top up' the BSM official instruction and paid him the going hourly rate.
   Any good instructor should be able to get you through it i would have thought - other than knowing the routes.  But i may be out of date on this........

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