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Overtaking around blind corners

Surely this should be illegal or something? Coming home from Exmouth at the weekend with friends, I had just pulled onto a country road, was accelerating up to the speed limit coming round a fairly wide, but blind corner, had only got to 40 ish and as the corner starts to open out again, I'm faced with a Mondeo on my side of the road, coming at me head on, fast as BLEEP!!!. He's trying to overtake a cyclist (who was riding in the primary position for a reason I assume). The cyclist was holding some speed and the Mondeo was barely going faster than him at the time. Instantly I realise there is absolutely no way he is going to get past the cyclist and back over in time, so I start braking fairly hard and get as far over to the side of the road as possible. At this point the Mondeo driver starts flashing his lights at me, I'm flat on the brakes hoping that my friend is a good enough distance behind me to stop too, luckily he has been held at the junction by passing traffic so there is nobody within a couple of hundreds of yards behind me.

Coming near enough to a stop this Mondeo is still 3/4 of the way into my lane, just starting to move back over, both of my left wheels are on the grass/mud at the side of the road and my ABS just isn't fast enough, and despite my best efforts to stay straight I end up stopping at a 45 degree angle as the Mondeo zooms past me, still half into my lane, blasting his horn at me as if it's my fault.

My mate comes up behind me just as I'm recomposing myself enough to stop shaking so that I can drive off again.

Needless to say that is by far the closest call I've ever had, it amazes me how people can be so stupid as to do such things. I'm glad that I had only just come on to that road, and was still accelerating up to speed, as I have no doubt that if I'd had been on it for a while and I'd come round the corner at 60 then I'd have gone straight in to him.


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Re: Overtaking around blind corners

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Re: Overtaking around blind corners

A lesson learned though dog, never accelerate into any bend, and always expect an idiot around the corner. I teach in an area that has a lot of very tight lanes, so often you go around them and there are horse riders, joggers, cyclists, and on one occasion (though not with a pupil), there was a man who was lying across the road, having just had a heart attack, his cycle was by the side of him. Sadly this man died at the road side despite help from myself and another motorist. The position he was in, was such that had one of us driven around the corner at speed we would have driven over him. So there it is, you never know what is around the bend in front of you so go cautiously.
Well done you for taking sensible action, the person in the mondeo was probably sounding off with the horn because basically he had run out of options. I wouldn't mind betting his a rse was biting the cloth on the seat, and a change of underwear was needed when he got home.  wink


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Re: Overtaking around blind corners

I was nearly killed 10 years ago by a similar lunatic on the A68 through the borders, overtaking 3 cars on a blind bend?

About a month ago a pupil was driving down the A7 when a car overtook us approaching a blind bend causing me to dual brake the pupil and the oncoming car to avoid the overtaking vehicle, the police bike a few cars back from us pulled the idiot over down the road and gave us a wave as we went past.

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