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#1 04-06-09 07:22:12

Stephen Dent
From: Birmingham
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New to fleet training-advice requested

Hello everyone.

I have recently joined the fleet register and I am seeking any advice that you think may be of benefit.  The main question that I have at present is regarding client fees as obviously I don't want to undercut anyone.  What is the average daily rate charged?

Help with anything else would also be greatly appreciated.

ADI, RoSPA Gold, RoSPA Dip, Fleet registered, IAM, DIAmond


04-06-09 07:22:12

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Re: New to fleet training-advice requested

#2 04-06-09 14:57:07

Verified Member
From: Staffordshire
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Re: New to fleet training-advice requested

Hi Stephen, welcome to fleet training.

Client fees, well this depends on how you do it.
If you're looking at going to the client direct you'd be looking at charging £250 to £350 per day.
If you were working on a self employed basis for a training company you normally get paid £110 to £150 per day, most will pay for your mileage though some don't.



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