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Nursery Area - Kidderminster

Hi Guys

I live in Droitwich and teach in and around Droitwich and Worcester. I have had an enquiry off someone in Kidderminster and he would like to take his test in Kidderminster. As im a PDI and have only just got my Pink, i dont want to turn any work down. I lived in Kidderminster as a child/teenager so know it a quite well, but not well enough to know all the roads and the best places to teach.

Do any of you know of a good nursey area in Kidderminster?

My lesson is tomorrow afternoon - He only called me this morning.

Thank you inadvance

Cat  smile smile smile

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22-03-09 12:19:58

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Re: Nursery Area - Kidderminster

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Re: Nursery Area - Kidderminster

Hi Cat,

Sorry to see nobody answered your post.

I am new to this site, and thinking of becoming an Instructor.  I live in Worcester and was hoping you could tell me how demand has been in the area?  Do you get many pupils from the Worcester area?  Who did you train with?

Many thanks


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