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Colourfile- page wanted

Hi all

I was wondering if anyone could help
I recently bought a Colourfile Professional Pictorial Teaching System by Theory First Publishing 2nd hand off E-bay but have discovered that there is a duplicate page and subsequently one missing.
So have decided the easiest option is to obtain this page from Theory First Publishing that states the address is at the front but isn't! I have tried searching the net for them but gave up as not getting anywhere and it dawned on me this is the place to ask.
Has anyone got one of these manuals that they could look for the address for me and PM it, if so I would be most grateful.
Alternatively would anyone be willing to photocopy Page 67 & 68 for me ? and send it , I would be happy to pay the costs etc


19-03-09 14:48:24

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Re: Colourfile- page wanted

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