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Part 1 - weird questions

so it seems to me that some qus in part1 multiple choice are very strange, such as no500, order of importance of three factors in a skid out of driver, road conditions and vehicle. On what basis are these to be deemed important? Surely a skid only happens when the driver causes the vehicle's tyres to move in a such a way that overcomes their frictional adhesion to the road given the road conditions.  When the force  the tyre undergoes is greater than its traction, a skid results.
You cant say one is more important than another because there is no standard way of measuring or comparing them.
the question doesnt make sense. It seems that the point of the question is to say:
hey kids, make sure you drive sensibly
and keep your vehicle in good condition
and dont blame the road!
which is of course all fair comment but i think its a bad way of wording the question.
OK, rant over!


10-04-05 17:44:23

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Re: Part 1 - weird questions

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Re: Part 1 - weird questions

The true spirit of this sort of question is to help you find the correct ATTITUDE.
Your quite correct in saying that all skids are driver error, however the question also helps you to understand that road and vehicle conditions will play a part in how easy it is to lose control.


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Re: Part 1 - weird questions

Plus there's "You should only stop giving mouth to mouth resuscitation ..."
a). when you think the patient is dead
b). when the patient can breathe unaided

... doesn't that mean there are people dotted all over the country still giving m2m to dear departed, waiting for them to start breathing again.

I know, I guess the idea is you keep going until medical peeps turn up and make the decision for you.  Flumuxed me at first pass tho'

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