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My First Check test

took my first check test on 3 September after qualifying back in January 2008. I opted for the role play and chose MSM & Ped Crossings. I picked up msm faults immediately after leaving the test centre. The 'pupil seemed to be able to deal with crossings OK in terms of identifying and approach, his problems were not using MSM when identifying the crossings. He threw in one or two faults later on on approaches in terms of speed and reminded him of what should be done. On the way back to the test centre i asked him to turn left and take second exit, he immediately signalled left which could confused other drivers that we were turning first left. That was corrected and explained what happened why it happened and how to deal with it correctly.

Arrived back at the test centre was given a debrief and was given a grade 5 which I am delighted with and was told it was not too far away from a grade 6.

as I passed in January with a grade 4 I am delighted to have made progress. I have to say the examiner was excellent and very professional and courteous throughout.

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Re: My First Check test

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Re: My First Check test

Your part 3 result is just that. It is NOT a grade. Up until a few days ago, you were ungraded but congratulations on your "5",


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