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Test in a week times - so nervous

Hi All

Well I have my test in a weeks time , I am very nervous, I have been learning to drive since last September so its taken me a while. I also have my own car which I go out in with my boyfriend.

Some days my driving is perfect but other days i just feel I cant do it and lose my bottle and just want to give up. I am really nervous about my test so much. I am scared I am going loose my nerves and fail badly.

One problem I have is my bay parking and reverse round a corner, I just cant get to grips with it, when I am with my instructor I usually do it fine but as soon as I am on my own I cant do it at all. I am worried I am going to forget on the day.

Can anyone offer any advice


17-07-08 12:01:29

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Re: Test in a week times - so nervous

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Re: Test in a week times - so nervous

It does sound as though you are not ready to take your test as by now you should be managing on your own, especially the manoeuvres.  My advice would be to cancel your test, give yourself a bit more time to get to grips, build your confidence up and get that pass.  Going into a test with what you have said will only set yourself up for a fail. Get more experience, get that pass. Good luck.


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Re: Test in a week times - so nervous

Hey man, sleep properly, have a cup of coffee before a lesson, makes you more alert, aware, and fresh for your lesson.  That's how i've been doing it.

I've started to learn properly non stop since the start of July now, one month of driving nearly every week day.  When I don't sleep properly the night before, I am SCREWED! I can't concentrate and my mind is all over the place.

Try the reverse around a corner in 3 stages, so you know which part your unsure on, reverse back until you know when you need to turn, turn around the point ( split this up into 2 more areas if u need) and then straighting up to the kerb.

I have my test on the 8th too the first time.  I am too determined not to let myself fail this, but hell if I do I know I can do it again so I'm like fk nerves! Relax the first time you do it is the way i think about it.

Theres a solution for everything, its about how badly you want to solve it and then believe in it the solution.

Passed Theory 1st time.
Passed Theory 1st time again after expiry of 1st pass.
Passed Practical 1st time with 3 minors.
Learnt to drive in a month !!!


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