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Marital Trust

I was on a motorcycle holiday recently.  I was part of a group of 12 mostly in the 50's age groups.  I suppose a bit like the "Wild Hogs" movie.  In our group we had a husband and wife on their individual bikes.
On our trip we were all heading as a group up the Loch Lomond side when we came across a long line of slow moving traffic.  The group started to overtake and work their way up the line.
In front of me were the husband and wife.  The husband was ahead and carried out a good overtake and got back in safely before reaching a blind bend.  Then, to my horror, his wife went out for an apparently suicidal overtake into the blind bend.  yikes
As I driving instructor, I felt I would have to say something to her about her dangerous riding when we reached our next stop.
When I mentioned what she had done she just sniggered and said she thought it would have given me some concern.  She then explained  that both she and her husband had a two way radio fitted to their bikes and had voice activated headsets in their helmets.  Her husband was able to tell her that the road was completely clear ahead and this allowed her to go out and overtake.
A very brave lady indeed as I don't think I could have this amount of trust in anyone.  It would be a bit like taking a bungee jump to me.  You would know the rope is going to stop you but you still have the terror of the jump.
This is marital trust at its utmost.  :evil:
However these two way radios are becoming more popular with bikers and the next time you see one of them doing a suicidal overtake, it may be that they are in radio cotact with someone ahead.
I will stick until I can see a safe overtake thankyou  smile

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Re: Marital Trust

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Re: Marital Trust

Years ago I took part in a charity bike ride from London to Paris.  Once we were in Paris, it organisation was so slick, we had motorcycle outriders accompanying us all in radio contact, once a queue built up behind the cyclists they took the traffic past.


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