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Briefings and where to do them

I'm pretty sure this has been mentioned before but with so many posts on here I am going to mention it again  big_smile

If you are a PDI and unsure as to where to do the briefing just ask yourself
'is this a driving subject or a maneuvering subject? if it's a driving subject then give the briefing at the test centre, if not give a quick Q & A to establish prior knowledge and add the usual 'ok, lets drive out of here and I'll direct you to a place to carry out the manoeuvre, on the way I'll help you to correct any other faults'

Then do the briefing after arrival

Hope this helps


03-06-08 20:57:42

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Re: Briefings and where to do them

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Re: Briefings and where to do them

useful, thanks


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Re: Briefings and where to do them

Great advice.

Just because I'm a driving instructor, it doesn't make me a dual control freak.


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