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!!!!!!!! council

Hello everyone, I have missed a day's work due to the idiots that work for the council,hubby phoned up last week telling them that we have a leak in the roof  the person said that someone will be round today from 9.00-1.00pm.I phoned up about 11 saying if anyone will be coming today they went through the details and i spoke to the surveyor and he said he wont need to come round as he needs to get in touch with the roofers, he asked me if we have seen any water coming into the rooms i said no and he said where is the leak coming through i said the leak is coming through into the loft then he says oh it might be a loose tile so i have to get in touch with the roofers :x :x :x :x so i have stayed in for nothing.We need to get it fixed because we want to move away from here.Julie :x :x :x :x


03-06-08 12:53:41

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Re: !!!!!!!! council

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