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Bus Lane Cheats

We have a road here, two lanes, bus lane in operation between 1600 and 1800.  The offside lane merges into the left lane for straight ahead traffic further down the road, and the offside lane becomes right turn only.

The locals that know this often, and against what the highway code says, move into the bus lane early, while those obeying the highway code stay in the right lane - but those breaking the rules then don't let anybody merge in making sure all gaps are closed, as though to say you should have done what I did, why didn't you think.

This is so annoying to me because I have to turn right and it can sometimes be a case of 5 minutes or more before somebody, usually a bus, lets them in.  Plus there is no benefit to the bus lane lane because the buses just have to wait in the queue in the bus lane, while the other lane has the odd few cars that need to merge in or turn right.

What is it with people like this :?  Why isn't this being policed by camera or human, they would rake it in with fines here tongue


19-02-08 19:45:55

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Re: Bus Lane Cheats

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Re: Bus Lane Cheats

We've got these too: we have to get into the left at the end to turn left, but there is usually somthing haring down the inside which stops us getting in in time: only way to combat this is to go into the bus lane or hold up the straight ahead traffic.

I reckon a strategically placed camera would more than pay for itself. 

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