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Lane discipline at roundabouts

Does anyone else have trouble with the above? I am fine on some roundabouts or where there are no markings and the normal rules apply.  But I find some roundabouts can be so confusing with the way they are marked.  Some of them have arrows pointing all over the place and the signs and markings seem very unclear at times.  I find that when approaching a roundabout ive never come across before I have to make a decision extreemley quickly.  My instructer usualley prompts me which lane I need to be in, but I need to know and work it out for myself for when I drive on my own.  If anyone has any tips or advice would be much appreciated  8-)

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09-02-08 22:07:21

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Re: Lane discipline at roundabouts

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Re: Lane discipline at roundabouts

Take it slower to give you more time to assess.


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Re: Lane discipline at roundabouts

Go onto Google Earth and look at all roundabouts in your area. Sometimes seeing them outside of the car helps. Or take some time out of the car with your instructor standing on the pavement looking at the road markings on the roundabouts you are having problems with.


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