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19th lesson

Well i am back to learning to drive,Just had my 19th lesson i haven't had one since November,I did not really want to carry on with them as i was getting really stressed out,so i was pushed into it by everyone in my family.To my surprise i seem to have lost all my driving nerves tongue i am so pleased i just got in the car drove to the end of my road and had no palpitations, i stalled at the lights which i don't really ever do, all the car's were beeping at me (as my instructors car hasn't got a learner thing on the roof just L plates) And i thought sod you all you can just wait until i am ready i am learning to drive ,i even beeped my horn it was great,I did a 3 point turn(a bit rusty)but i did it.I feel like a new woman and i am really looking forward to my next lesson.By the way if you happen to find my driving nerves kick them to the kerb as i do not want them back. tongue
By the way i was Jackie99100 but i changed my name to miss daisy,(incase you was wondering who i was)

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04-02-08 13:21:43

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Re: 19th lesson

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Re: 19th lesson

Hey Jackie or Miss Daisy, thought it was you, recognized the avatar.  well done you on getting back into the swing of things and for getting rid of those driving nerves, don't think i could have been that relaxed.  Perhaps the break has done you good and at least you don't feel so pressured about driving now like you did before.


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