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Struggling with Parking

Arghhh! I passed my test a couple of months ago and have my own car recently, but I hate parking - or not so much the parking, but getting out again.

During lessons, and on test, parking was always completed in a quiet space, no cars either side, and now it's inevitable that a car parks either side in the bays - I struggle getting out, forward or backwards, I guess I am scared of hitting the car either side, but then don't have enough room to get out in the roadway between bays neutral

tbh I usually go in nose first and reverse out because this is easier when car park is busy, and I'm usually lucky that when I leave most cars are gone.

Now I am on the road myself it's quite true it seems that I was instructed on how to pass a test, not how to drive in the real world :x


28-01-08 18:26:59

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Re: Struggling with Parking

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Re: Struggling with Parking

Hi jon,
The reason why you were taught to reverse into the bay on lessons was because it is safer than reversing out of it.
If the car park is busy then signal so that other drivers know you intend to reverse into the bay.  They are usually really rather patient about it.

As you've probably discovered, vision is a problem when reversing out of a bay with cars parked both sides. Even harder if they are vans.

try using the methods your instructor taught you and reverse IN not out. It is far less stressful.

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Re: Struggling with Parking


Busy car park reversing into space with cars either side rather like sharp left reverse:

Go to Halfords and get the small round mirrors that you can get for about £4 each and stick them on your wing mirrors.  big_smile  If you are not used to them things will look even smaller ...1/4 inch in those mirrors = about 4" in real terms.

Check to ensure vehicles either side of the bay you want are reasonably well parked in their bays and not hanging over the sides encroaching into 'your' space.

Go past the space you want to reverse into'll need to be very roughly minimum about 6' away from the front of the bay so you have enough room to swing the back of the car in. 

Where was your spot for sharp left reverse in the side window? We usually find for us the you can use this as a point of turn somewhere between there and the back seat.  A lot will depend on where you sit eg are you tall/short as your focal point will be different.  Your spot for point of turn will be the far light cluster of the car you are reversing around.  These are the lights that will be nearest to you as you turn in and the ones you'll feel sure you'll smack into as the back of the car goes in!

Reverse back straight until you see the light cluster at your point of turn then usually 1 turn up to full lock in ...follow it in as you would left reverse.  Apart from checking your obs behind and r. shoulder, use your left hand door mirror as an aid.  If you are far enough away from the bay the back of the car should be start to come in straight as you see the line of the bay in your mirror.  Reverse until you see the rear wheels of the car come into the other side of the bay then straighten up in the bay before straightening up the wheels.  If you are 'on target' you can do it as a 'spot on' turn in and straighten up  big_smile.  Just watch the cars either side and watch overhanging wing mirrors.

Remember in real life we all have to pull forward at times and fanny about.  DO THAT if you are at all unsure about where you are or struggle to straighten up in bays. 

Try right reversing in too.  If you can bay park reasonably well most people find that easier as you can follow the line in over your right shoulder.  If your instructor never taught you to R. reverse in you may find it strange..that you can practice in a quite car park.  Usually point of turn is half way along back door window for my lot.

It really takes practice.  But you need focal points for you and your car.

Whenever pulling OUT of a bay to turn L or R driving forward make sure you drive half way out straight before you turn the wheel.  That should give you clearance your great little mirors from Halfords will help you see.   Peep and creep til you have a view.

Now watch someone write up something more simple that makes mine look a mess but hey it's 6am!   roll


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Re: Struggling with Parking

Thanks for your replies - I am finding it much easier now.


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