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well this is the first time ive posted on here, just thought id let you know how my lessons were going,
I had my first lesson on april the 3rd 07 just over a month after my 17th birthday and to date ive had 34 hours with my adi and had about 10 weeks were ive had breaks due to nerves and confidence. i havent had a lesson for a month now and have one tommorow at 7.45 was supposed to be at 8.30 adi rang me tonight had to move me foward because of a test ive being practising in my car and have covered around 15miles in the last two days went realy well.


06-01-08 21:49:23

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Re: lessons

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Re: lessons

Hi Sarah

I have been learning since March 07, I have had 2 tests, unfortunately I failed both due to nerves so on to test no 3.

Good luck with your lesson/s and when you have your test I hope you pass.

5th Test Passed 22/04/08


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Re: lessons

A little tip for you Sarah. Tell your ADI what you are not confident with and ask to practice this and I am sure they will be happy to help. The more confident, the less the nerves will effect you. Good luck.

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