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Do you use your own car on part 3 and 2?

Hi, I have only just started looking into driving instructing and have been reading through loads of websites and this forum on all areas of becoming an instructor.

When doing Part 2 or 3 do you have to use the car provided by the training school or ADI whos teaching you?

Can you use your own private car? If so, when it comes to the part 3 test where the examiner drives your car, would I need any extra car insurance etc. ?

Sorry if the above is stupid questions. I am in the early stages of just looking into everything before I commit to learning.  smile


22-02-05 21:12:35

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Re: Do you use your own car on part 3 and 2?

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Re: Do you use your own car on part 3 and 2?

Hi jamesmoore,

Using your own car for the Part 2 can only be recommended. It is the car that you're most familiar with.

As for Part 3, wishing to use your own car can cause problems with the insurance in the sense that the Examiner is role playing a pupil. In addition, you will not be able to provide (the "pupils") name to the insurance company.
In other words, you may find it very difficult (if not impossible) to get insured.

It would be far simpler to use the ADI's car for the Part 3.


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Re: Do you use your own car on part 3 and 2?

Hi, concerning the part 3 test you need your car insuring for any driver as you do not know who the driver will b until your test so insurance can b a pain,hope this is of some assistance .Martyn smile

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