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kev elliott

Further driver education

Hi all,
One of the topics that has been a feature of discussions over the years is further coaching or guidence for drivers. I use the term coaching or guidence to include the voluntary sectors as well as the services offered by ADI's.

I am of the opinion that you can never have to much coaching or guidence whether it is car control skills such as skid pan training or high performance track days or the perception and hazard awareness increases that can be gained from the likes of the IAM or ROSPA.

Are there any disadvantages to taking further coaching? - I am thinking here of some of the posts that seem to suggest that some organisations are perceived to place an undue emphasis on making progress.

Thinking of the DIA test this is based on the DSA driving test standard - is this high enough? - Is it unrealistic to expect a driver having many years of experience to be able to modify their driving to match that of drivers who have passed their test recently? - I am thinking here of the finer points of car control such as brake gear over lapping, road positioning, and lane selection for making progress.

With high performance cars widely available on the second hand market is it better to allow drivers to see what performance is available in a controlled environment in the hope that they will act responsibly on the road, or does demonstrating what the car is capable of encourage irresponsible driving? 

How useful is Pass Plus to those who have taken it or is the main attraction the insurance discounts?

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Re: Further driver education

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Re: Further driver education

Hi Kev,
I wish they had brought out Pass Plus when I learned to drive all those years ago.
I waited till I was 49 before I decided that I wanted to help myself keep safer on the roads, keep myself out of trouble, be more observant etc etc so I did the IAM course and have never looked back, this is my own experience.


I had been driving for around 30 years,and like most of us I thought I was a good driver,(not so). I had been toying with the Idea of doing the Advanced Driving course, and of course never got round to it until I changed my Car. I bought a daewoo Lanos Automatic 1.6 ltr.

I was very suprised to find that they were actually paying for customers to do the Advanced driving course. I rang up and arranged to do the course. I started in the February and it took me till the August to complete and pass the course.

I found the Observers very helpful and friendly, they were also very patient with me, I explained that I was a very nervous driver which was no problem to them at all. I was also terrified of speed and would not go above 45mph.

Learning Advanced driving was hard for me, I thought it was because I was an Older driver ( 49 ). To me it was like learning to drive all over again, I didn't like speed's Motorways or Roundabouts. In fact I didnt like anything apart from Town driving.

I was shown how to use the Gear box to it's full potential. To start off with I had to learn the system of car control, Deportment at the wheel and steering, not to mention mirrors! I thought the passenger mirror was for show.

All in all before I finally passed my assesment on my 3rd go I went through hell and back ( the assessment is similar to a mock test) When they finally said I had passed that I was over the moon, I was finally on my way.

The actual test is conducted by either a Serving Advanced Police Driving examiner or a Retired Police Driving examiner. On the test day I had to do Country Roads. N/Speed limits, Duel Carraigways, Motorway as well as Town driving and urban roads. I also had to do a commentary which lasted around 5 mins. I had to do Turn in the road and left reverse as well. The whole test lasted about 90 mins, which was hard because you really have to concentrate. The examiner was fantastic he really put me at ease, although he never spoke apart from giving directions and asked a couple of questions about road signs to make sure my Observations were good. When we got back to base and he told me I had passed I was over the moon. All my hard work had paid off!

I am really pleased I did the course, and I then carried on to do the Observer course. I wanted to put something back into the group but most of all I wanted to help try and keep our roads safer. I also then went on to do the Diploma course wich is something our group does, I passed that as well first time, over the moon I was 

7 years on and I'm still enjoying it.



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