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What a day I've had!

How many things can possibly go wrong in 1 day?

Now this afternoon I had a test at 1.33pm. On the way over to pick up my candidate I ran into some roadworks, which had appeared since I last travelled down that road, resulting in me running late to pick him up. After getting through the roadworks still with enough time to get to my pupil, I had a double decker bus pull out on me, causing me to stop dead in the middle of a mini roundabout. I then carried on along my way and eventually turned into his street, only to find a dustbin lorry parked right in the middle of the road. The result of all these delays was that I arrived some 5 minutes late.

Drama over and we proceed off on the pre-test lesson, about 25 minutes before the test time, I did what I usually do and ran through one or two of the saftey checks one last time. On checking the lights we noticed 1 of the side light bulbs had blown, no problem I thought, I carry what I thought was a full spare bulb kit, but guess what, the side light bulbs are not a standard fitting and don't have an end cap on them. So it was a mad dash around to the local garage to get a replacment bulb, we arrived at the DTC on time, and he went on to pass!

I always make a point of checking all lights are in working order the hour before a test, and boy was I glad I'd done it today. wink

12-03-04 21:28:26

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Re: What a day I've had!

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