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Lets drive information

I have decided to take the action of removing some of the previous posts about Lets drive for the follwing reason.

Lets drive did go into administration in december and were baught soon by LVG (lansdown venture group) who I beleive are owned by The Instructor college. LVG were not responsible or involved in Lets drive going into administration, so I beleive that previous posts may be missleading for new PDI's who visit this website.

As much as it is acceptaple and encouraged to discuss the pro's and cons of using a business or company on these forums, it is not acceptable for the forums to carry material that defames an individual business or organisation.

I would strongly suggest that any person looking to start instructor training but has reservations about Lets drive because of things they have heard or read, should talk directly to Lets drive or people who are now training with Lets drive.

This however does not mean that you cannot talk about the pro's and cons of training with the new Lets drive in a constructive and sensible manner.

22-01-05 01:59:33

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Re: Lets drive information

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